Category: Quantum Optics

Making of a zero-area single photon pulse

We just realized the first single-photon version of a zero-area ultrashort pulse.

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Hybrid entanglement of light

We produced entanglement between differently-encoded photonic qubits. A single-photon-based qubit state on one side and a coherent-state-based one on the other. The situation closely resembles the quantum-classical hybrid entanglement of the atom-cat system in the Schroedinger’s cat paradox. Nature Photonics made a cover out of the story (and of our image).

Quantum Process Nonclassicality

Adaptively probing the shape of quantum light

A hi-fi noiseless amplifier for quantum light states

First direct test of quantum commutation rules

Playing with photon subtraction

Cavity-enhanced generation of highly-nonclassical states

To the roots of non-classicality: First reconstruction of a non-classical Glauber-Sudarshan P-function

Direct experimental test of quantum non-commutativity by single photon creation and annihilation

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