Single-photon remote temporal delocalization and violation of a Bell’s type inequality



We have remotely delocalized a single photon onto two distinct and widely separated temporal modes. The tomographic analysis of the two-mode homodyne data has allowed us to prove (under some assumptions) the violation of a form of Bell’s inequality.

Direct interferometric measurement of atomic dipole phases in high-order harmonic generation



We have used an interferometric technique to directly measure the intrinsic nonlinear phase related to the different electronic trajectories involved in high-order harmonic generation in the XUV.

The 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Theodor W. Hansch



Ted Hänsch and Marco Bellini performed one of the key experiments leading to the invention of the femtosecond frequency comb (and, later, to the Nobel prize) in Florence.

First experimental photon addition



First realization of single-photon-added coherent states. We have generated and analyzed novel states of light that continuously change their character from fully quantum to fully classical.

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