The ILIL lab covers an area of ​​approximately 280 m2. Starting from the laser front-end, the laser pulse can be sent in three distinct interaction chambers. Each room is equipped with primary vacuum pumping systems as well as turbo-molecular pumps. A single control room allows remote monitoring of laser beam parameters and diagnostics to study laser-plasma interaction, as well as the under-vacuum remote-handling of components present in the interaction chambers. An efficient data storage system collects in automatic shot by shot the data of each diagnostic used. The Laboratory is equipped with a full range of sensors for studying the plasma radiation from infrared to gamma rays. Spectroscopic detectors resolved in time and space, as well as high-stability and sensitivity interferometric sensors are just some of the tools used by ILIL lab researchers. Finally, the development and setting up of accelerated charge particles detectors, such as ions and electrons, focusing on the characterization of their energy, are activities widespread in the ILIL group.


Experimental Areas