PhD position available on Laser-Plasma Acceleration of High Energy Particles

PhD thesis funded by CNR-INO within the Ph.D. Program of the University of Pisa A.A. 2018-2019.

The successful candidate will carry out his research project in the field of Laser-Plasma Acceleration, active at the Intense Laser irradiation Laboratory of the National Institute of Optics in Pisa, in collaboration with the Department of Physics of the University of Pisa. The activity includes studies of new high-quality laser-plasma acceleration schemes and high-intensity and high repetition-rate lasers. These studies are aimed at the objectives of the European H2020 EuPRAXIA project, for the development of compact plasma accelerators for the generation of X-ray Free Electron Laser and the European project on Extreme Light Infrastructure-Italy, funded by MIUR, for the development of bio-medicals applications of laser-plasma acceleration, with particular reference to new high spatial resolution X-ray diagnostic techniques and compact particle sources and radiation for radiation therapy.

The doctoral project includes experimental activities at the laboratory in Pisa where a high-power laser system (200 TW) is currently available, along with an dedicated experimental room, with an interaction chamber equipped with detection and control systems for plasma measurements and particle beam diagnostics. Participation in experiments at other European and international laboratories / facilities is also foreseen.

Information for participation in the selection is available on the University of Pisa website at this link.

For a description of the EuPRAXIA project, see this link.