The ILIL Laser

The ILIL laboratory operates a high power, ultrashort pulse laser system, recently upgraded to the 100TW power level.

A picture of the ILIL TiSa laser system front-end. On the bottom left, the 10TW beamline compressor vacuum chamber is visible.

The laser is based on Ti:Sapphire (TiSa) active media and a Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) architecture. Two distinct beamlines are available, sharing a common front-end, with power 10TW and 100TW respectively. Each beamline is equipped with its own Target Area. The 10TW beamline currently features >450mJ energy pulses, with either 40fs or 30fs duration. The max repetition rate is 10Hz. At the 100TW beamline, pulses delivering up to 3.3J on target are available, with pulse duration <30fs (at a max rep rate of 1Hz). Auxiliary beams, synchronized with the main one, with lower energy are also available.

Other smaller-scale laser systems are also available, with pulse duration in the ns and ps range.


Last updated on 2017/11/15